Graduation Dates for Postgraduate Students

Unitec hold graduation ceremonies twice a year, in April and September. Since The Mind Lab by Unitec has three intakes per year, two of these graduate at an April ceremony and one at a September ceremony. Which graduation ceremony you attend will depend on your month of starting the Postgraduate Certificate programme (see the table below).

Start Month Finish Month Graduation Month
March November April (following year)
July March (following year) September
November July (following year) April (following year)


Unitec graduation ceremonies are held at a central Auckland location. You’ll be notified of the location by Unitec. Check Unitec’s graduation page for the most up-to-date information. Regardless of where you are studying, you can attend Auckland graduation.

When your graduation date is approaching, you will receive an email invitation from Unitec asking you how you would like to graduate.

Upcoming Graduation Dates

The next graduations take place on Wednesday 19 September 2018. Applications for this graduation closed on June 29th 2018. The following graduation will be in April 2019.

Graduating in person or in absentia

You must choose to either graduate in person or to graduate in absentia (i.e. not to attend the ceremony). If you do not respond at all then you will not graduate and will not receive your certificate (though you can do so at a later ceremony).

Graduating in absentia after the ceremony

Students who have missed applying for September graduation and have been approved to graduate will have their names added to the list of students who will be contacted by email after the September graduation. These students can, if they wish, apply to graduate at the absentia only graduation at the end of the year. They will have 2 weeks to respond by following the link in the email to the application form. If they respond in time they will be able to receive their certificate. If not, they will then need to apply for the April 2019 graduation.

Changing your application between in person and in absentia

Students who have already applied for graduation and want to change from graduating in absentia to attending, or vice versa, just need to send an email (including their student ID) requesting this change this to

Informal celebrations

In addition to the formal ceremony, The Mind Lab by Unitec host informal graduation celebrations in some regional locations, subject to demand. Information about these gatherings will be provided close to the relevant graduation date.

Further information

For up to date information about graduation, check the Unitec graduation web page