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$850 + GST

This one’s for parents, grandparents, early childhood educators and adult friends of TMLU that want to gain hands-on experience using creative technologies - from robotics to augmented reality and everything in between. Our weekly 2-hour sessions (for 10 weeks total) are the perfect way to learn what new innovations will soon transform our world.

Intake Dates:

    • Weds May 3 - Weds 5 July
    • Weds July 26 - Weds 27th September
    • Weds October 18 - Weds 20th December

Concepts explored include: robotics, augmented reality, stop motion animation, coding, 3D-printing, the Internet of Things, film-making, game and website-building and the future of education.

How to Book: Simply choose your start date (May 3, July 26, or October 18) on the calendar below, check availability and simply click book now)

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