Our Story

The Mind Lab by Unitec is a unique education collaboration between a public education provider and a specialist education lab dedicated to enhancing digital literacy capability and the implementation of contemporary practice in the teaching profession.

Partner with Unitec

Together The Mind Lab and Unitec is redefining professional development for teachers through the offering of an applied, progressive and blended postgraduate qualification specialising in digital and collaborative learning.  This partnership is the first of its kind in New Zealand, blending highly practical postgraduate knowledge taught in The Mind Lab’s purpose built creative learning environment together with classroom-based applied practice and online learning. Find out more about our Postgraduate programme here.

What we do

The Mind Lab is a pioneer in digital and collaborative learning reflecting the new theoretical and practical frameworks of contemporary education. Unitec is a leader in applied vocational education with a long history in education from preschool teacher training through to postgraduate education leadership.

Why we do it

Technology and the access to digital devices in every aspect of our lives has fundamentally changed how we communicate, share and teach.

The only constant in this digital revolution is the certainty of change, and the need for all people, in all industries and all sectors to embrace lifelong learning and knowledge advancement to reflect the world we live in.

Why you should be part of a new generation of learners

As educators we need to prepare and teach students to be flexible, to be adaptable and to be technically skilled for a world that is increasingly digital, global and specialised. A deep understanding of collaborative environments, project-based work streams, design thinking, cultural awareness and global connectedness will arm students for the world ahead.

As a teacher we want our students to make critical and meaningful connections with new knowledge, new concepts and new ideas. Contemporary teaching increasingly allows students’ to explore learning from their own personal perspective, bringing their world to the learning environment and their experience to the learning process.

Ultimately to facilitate change and to activate progress requires teachers and students to learn the tools, gain the knowledge and to be given the power to be bold, innovative, curious and flexible.